Online Shopping for Engagement Rings

beautiful gold diamond ringMany of my friends tell me about their experiences while buying jewelry and engagement rings in a normal jewelry store. Most of the stories just leave you astonished and you wonder how it can still be that engagement rings are sold in jewelry stores. In the following article I would like to discuss the pros and cons of buying engagement rings offline and online and finally give my recommendation.

The complexity of buying diamonds

Most people are surprised at first sight how complex the purchase of a diamond is. Unlike other pieces of jewelry such as silver chains, gold chains or watches, you can learn a lot about diamonds that are relevant for the purchase. There are many criteria and many little things that matter when buying the right diamond engagement ring. Therefore, many people go to buy engagement rings offline, because the seller gives you the feeling of having someone competent in front of you. But appearances are often deceptive, as my experience with salespeople in jewelry stores was such that I noticed how badly they often know their business. They may appear professional, but in the end even jewelry stores often hire students or untrained short-time workers, who learn only the most important things about diamonds in a crash course and are then trained to get the customer to buy quickly.

When buying a diamond or an engagement ring online, on the other hand, you have all the information that the seller presents on his site, which is usually already more detailed and better researched than the knowledge of the seller. On the other hand, for the online purchase of an engagement ring in the diamond sector, you will find many forum entries and discussions, through which you can learn from other inexperienced and also experienced online buyers of engagement rings. Through the forums it is also possible to get independent and unbiased opinions about engagement rings or diamonds, as many of the forum members are very helpful.

Competition in online business

Another advantage of shopping for engagement rings online is that the sites that sell engagement rings online are in strong competition. On the one hand, they compete with the offline shops to which an ever-smaller number of people go, and on the other hand, with other sites that sell engagement rings online. Since the quality controls for the purchase of engagement rings and diamonds are very strict and the laws are very strict, online shops are obliged to maintain the same quality as offline shops. There is therefore no difference in quality, but engagement rings bought online are significantly cheaper than those bought offline, as the competition is much stronger on the Internet. This benefits you as a customer directly, as you effectively save money. Due to the high competition, many online shops also have a very good customer service to distinguish themselves from competitors. This means that almost all stores offer you a right of return and fast customer service, which are interested in you buying the best engagement ring for the best online price.

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